A Vintage Wildwood Christmas on the Santa Bus

Donna Gomez on the Santa bus, 1960 This photo was sent in by Donna Gomez taken on the Santa Bus in 1960, along with fond memories... “Some of my earliest

The Wreck of the D.H. Ingraham

by Steve Murray December 4, 1886. Hereford Inlet, approximately 10:30PM Captain James Mullen was desperately trying to navigate his vessel in the worst conditions imaginable- a blinding Nor’eastern snowstorm in

Dr. Mace Babies 2016

Jim’s Clam Bar

by Jessica W. Mumford {Archive Sun story featured in 2010} Campfires at night. Being tucked in to bed in the evening. Family get togethers. Reunions with family and friends. Christmas and

A mAgical evEning at HooKed On BookS

The History of Wildwood Parks

by Cathy Tchorni Would you be surprised to know that Wildwood used to have a fresh water pond? It did! Read on... Originally Wildwood was a spit of densely covered oak, holly


“Winter is in my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.” Victor Hugo. We here at The Sun know just how that French novelist felt! Although spring is the

Grandmom’s Beach House

by Angel Burns, Sue's granddaughter The year 2015 marked two special occasions for my grandmother, Sue DeLapo. Namely, her 100th birthday celebrated in November and the 60th anniversary of her beach

Pacific Avenue in Wildwood ~ A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Meg Corcoran Thomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home again,” sadly implying that one can never return to a memorable place in time. Happily, history is highly regarded in

While You Were Away 2015

A bit of breezy chat about the island’s happenings from Labor Day 2014 through Memorial Day 2015 written by Dorothy Kulisek & Meg Corcoran “If we had no Winter, the Spring