My North Wildwood

by Joe Costello / Joe Z We spent many mornings walking the hard sand by the edge of the sea with our grandmother. She, hunting for conchs for her delicious salads

Searching for an End to a Story . . .The Sun helps Solve the Mystery

Doug’s father, John T. Hinton, was in the Army and stationed in Cape May Point. He and his wife, Catherine resided at 1311 Mt. Vernon St. in South Cape May,

LAST STOP! Wildwood by-the-Sea, N.J.

By Joe Van Blunk When you rode the Greyhound Bus just short of that point on the Island where the very edge of the land ran out and the Atlantic Ocean

Give the Gift of Summer. . . To the Next Generation

by Cheri L. Herlinger You may have noticed a lot of activity at the corner of 11th & Surf Ave. in North Wildwood over the past few months. In January, the

The Skinny Man

John Freeman By Joe Russo We were just two scruffy college freshmen and our dorm was a beat up trailer in a park adjacent to the main entrance to the campus.

Memento Mori

By Bob Ingram He was a lifeguard in Wildwood and he and his rowing partner had almost won the South Jerseys the week before he enlisted, an amazing performance for two

SHOOBIE SHUFFLE- Uncle Eddie Berg, The Boy Who Fell in Love with Wildwood

By AL ALVEN of The sun was just beginning to rise over the factories and smokestacks of Kensington, as 11-year-old Eddie Berg peered out of his bedroom window. A sense

Wildwood by-the-Sea, NJ – A Special Place

By Megan Meehan After years spent living all over the country and travelling the world, Patty Dodge has returned to Wildwood to give her family a taste of her childhood. “I

A Slice by the Sea

by AL ALVEN of WINTER, like Spring, Summer or Fall, is as much a frame of mind as a time of year. While 20-degree days and bone-chilling winds are not exactly

May-June 2015 Editor Letter

With another season of The Sun officially upon us, my heart overflows with thanks to our readers, our friends, and especially our advertisers for their part in the creation of