Wildwood’s History of Hairdressers & Barbers


Inconspicuous Attractions on the Wildwood Boardwalk

by Dorothy Kulisek In the midst of a perfect Wildwood day, have you ever stopped to notice some of the wonderfully creative details that abound on this special island? I

Doris Bradway: Wildwood’s only woman Mayor

“History is herstory, too.” ~Anon. by Cathy Tchorni worldly, separate from rural Cape May County, Wildwood “vibe” during the first half of

The Sweeney’s Old Shute Cottage, The new “Saoirse”

“Old places have souls.” ~Anonymous homeowner by Dorothy Kulisek Jim and Deb Sweeney, whose family trees both proudly began generations ago in Wildwood, possess an ongoing love for Wildwood that is evident


by Dorothy Kulisek In 1902, Lucinda Powell, a Seminole Indian from the Florida Everglades, sent her 12 year old daughter Lavania to Anglesea in North Wildwood to live with Captain Sam

Wildwood Memories! A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

by Ed Lewis I’ve lived in Ohio for forty years, but my memories of the Wildwoods are as clear as if they were only a day old. My family and I

Memorial Day 2018 Editor Letter

As I head into my 15th season of The Sun, it is with a grateful heart that I reflect on its humble beginnings by-the-sea, a nostalgic love letter to the

Treadmill to The Sun

The Kulisek SUN team “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” ~Jean Baptiste Massieu from the Editor: It is with a grateful heart that I reflect on the humble beginnings of The

Throwback Cover

Young men playing guitar with friends around at resort From the archives of Aladdin Color, shines an original 1960s photograph of a group of teens at the Gondolier Motel in