Wishin’ you Good Fishin’

Dear Fellow Anglers: I like to offer a warm welcome to you. I’ve been known to rant a bit so I will ask for forgiveness now. I always

Grandmom’s Beach House

by Angel Burns, Sue's granddaughter The year 2015 marked two special occasions for my grandmother, Sue DeLapo. Namely, her 100th birthday celebrated in November and the 60th anniversary of her beach

Pacific Avenue in Wildwood ~ A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Meg Corcoran Thomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home again,” sadly implying that one can never return to a memorable place in time. Happily, history is highly regarded in

While You Were Away 2015

A bit of breezy chat about the island’s happenings from Labor Day 2014 through Memorial Day 2015 written by Dorothy Kulisek & Meg Corcoran “If we had no Winter, the Spring

I Met My True Love in Wildwood- Al & Diane Brannen

by Jessica W. Mumford Al & Diane on a date at the Lobster House Do you remember when and where you met the love of your life? Al and Diane Brannen do:

Growing Up in a Military Family in the 60s

By Cathy Tchorni As I write this right before the 4th of July, I’m thinking about the positive differences I see in Cape May County, especially Wildwood, from the “body” of

Mr. Christmas~ Greg Yacabell’s Vintage Postcards

by Meg Corcoran For Greg Yacabell, a year-round Christmas lover, the sentiments of the heartfelt season had a direct impact on his long recovery from a debilitating stroke suffered at the

St. Ann’s Church History through Postcards

I love to collect postcards of the Wildwoods from the early 1900s, including many postcards of houses of worship. The Catholic churches of St. Ann’s and Holy Apostles are of

Holiday 2015 Editor Letter

It’s that most wonderful time of year again. Our minds are filled with candy canes and gingerbread everything, and we’re ready to deck the halls with boughs of holly as

Henri J Bedard of North Wildwood, NJ Receives Highest Honor by the French Republic for His Heroic Services in the Liberation of France During WW2

By Dorothy Kulisek / Meg Corcoran Marcel Bertrand and Antoine Noslier met in March 2009 when Antoine contacted WWII survivor Marcel, who lives near his hometown in France. Antoine is a