The Oatmeal Club

The Oatmeal Club, with oatmeal being synonymous with morning, meets every summer Saturday morning at 3rd & JFK between 8am and 9am (before the parking meters kick in). The men’s group gather to laugh and talk about anything and everything (excluding politics) and often ‘nothing at all.’ With cell phones prohibited, the free social gathering is a throwback to simpler times, an old-school get together where new members are always welcomed. The only requirements are a quick smile and a friendly attitude. Are you ready to be Oatmeal Strong?  Follow them on Facebook or stop by in person!

In the center behind the banner, is Oatmeal Club Founder John Stearn, names not in order are Joe Bamberski, Bill Briar, Sean Dillon, Dee Hoffman, Joe Marunyak, Tom Marunyak, John McCann , Robert McMonagle, Ed Milillo, Joe Murphy, Dan Orlando, Mike Sothern and Jim Williams

Editor Note: What do you say we girls start a chapter and call it the Granola Girls Club?

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