The Doctor’s Prescription: a “Home by-the-Sea” for Charles Cook

Young Charles Cook on the back steps of his cottage  c1925

As is true of the greatest Wildwood stories, there’s an undercurrent of

Memories of Kathryn Filippo by the Sea

Kathryn's page in The Sun. Thank you to her daughter Marie for sharing these wonderful memories with us!

Kathryn Filippo was a true

Ed Morton’s Wild About Wildwood

Sheet music found in the Wildwood Historic Museum
If you’ve ever been to Wildwood,
Wildwood by the sea; then you know the reason
I would always like

Rose & Ethyl’s Old House at 217 E. 20th Ave. North Wildwood, NJ

There’s no story like an old Wildwood story, and this one dates back to 1905 within the walls of the grand old

Before Zaberers, There Were the Four Eldoradians

Social media has a wonderful way of keeping us connected while inspiring the best memories. Thanks to the Ed Zaberers story published

This is the Story of Henny, my Favorite Heron

by Dorothy Kulisek

Henny, the juvenile, yellow-toe, yellow crown Night Heron

Proving there’s a

Dorothy’s Sunrise Adventure

Dorothy walking her granddog Goose on the Seawall by Joe Ebert

It is a Monday morning in the middle


Treadmill to The Sun: The Kulisek family makes Wildwood History

Here is our story. . .
Dorothy, who owns her very own pair of ruby red slippers, ironically wasn’t wearing them when she set out to find her own Land