Dear Sun

Dear Sun,
“I can honestly say that your publication is the cleanest, brightest and best put together than any other publication that I have ever seen!… and I truly mean that.”
~Carol, Engel publishing company

Dear Sun
Every time I open the pages of The Wildwood Sun by the Sea Magazine, I am grateful for your work which brings all that is good on God’s earth into our homes. God bless you; we are lucky to have you in our midst. ~ Gina P.

Dear Sun
The Sun is the best thing that has happened to Wildwood, can’t wait for each issue to come out so I can read it from cover to cover. ~Mike L.

Dear Sun, “The Sun is one of the greatest publications I’ve ever read in my life… It is a true charm. You do a tremendous, outstanding service to our community. Thank you.”  ~ Don, Anglesea, NJ

Dear Sun, “I have every issue saved in a box under my bed that I pull out every time I need a little cheering up. From one Sun lover to another… thank you!” ~Alyssa F.

Dear Sun
I picked up ‘The Sun’ today and the layout looks great! You always do a beautiful job. I’m looking forward to settling into my comfy chair with a cup of coffee and ‘The Sun”. ~Ralph G

Dear Sun,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the gorgeous *Seaside Greetings painting on the cover page of the Nov/Dec edition of the Five Mile Beach SUN. I was so glad I picked one of these up while dining in the Wildwoods recently.

The depiction brought back a beautiful memory of my husband’s favorite spot as well at 2nd St. jetty he loved to go to fish.

His name is David (he passed 20 yrs. ago at age 37) and his family are long time residents in North Wildwood and this is where him and I met and fell in love. Thank you very much for the memory. You are an amazing Artist, Editor and Publisher and I just had to express my gratitude and be part of your fanclub:)

Respectfully, Kathryn Golden

Dear Sun,

Your article on Abbott’s dairy brings to mind the three summers I worked on the ‘walk. Those were the years 1951, ‘52, & ‘53. I worked at Margurite’s Fudge Shop on the corner of Spencer Ave. and the Boardwalk. One side of the store was devoted to candy, chocolates. fudge and salt water taffy. The other to ice cream. There was counter and table service. That is whereI worked. Margurite Renne and her husband Paul owned the business. Paul was also a conductor on the Penna. R.R. run to Camden/Phila. Every day I would call the Abbott’s Dairy and order ice cream~ “Jane Logan’s.” Our daily order was 24 or more “cans” (2 1/2 Gal. size) of various flavors. On weekends we ordered 30 or more! On Sunday we ordered twice! The first order on Sunday was for about 30, later we/I ordered another 15 to 30. The ice cream was usually delivered in an hour or two.

Ah yes, I remember it well! to paraphrase the song, “Those were the days my friend.”


Dear Sun, I am a summer local in Wildwood and I LOVE reading The Sun! It is the best newspaper in all of Wildwood! I just started college this year at James Madison University in Virginia (which is 5 hours from my home) I am always thinking about summer and how much I miss all those lazy summer days! Whenever I am feeling down, and miss home I come here online and read The Sun! It makes me feel better. Wildwood is truly my favorite place on the entire earth and I am already looking forward to Summer 2011!

Lauren Adorno

Dear Sun,

I just love The SUN!! It puts its pages around me and gives me a hug! I always look forward to each issue.

Love, Dolly McGee

Dear Sun,

I’ve been going to Wildwood for 48 years! Love it and love your paper, it’s the first thing I look for to take to my room when I get there. It is a great resource for me to get to know all about the Wildwoods.

I stay at the Roman Holiday now. When we were growing up in the 60’s thru the 80’s we always stayed at the Trylon (one James Plaza now). We knew the old owners the James’ and they had small kids, they used to let us go swimming at night, we stayed there even after we had kids, until it became a condo association. We love the Roman Holiday now and that is the family place to go, all our kids are grown and come down as much as they can, with their significant others. I remember the puppet theatre on the boardwalk, the glass blower, and Hunt’s Pier was our favorite!! My parents went to Wildwood in the 1940’s and 50’s as teens. They went to see a lot of big name bands down there. My dream is to someday live there!

When I found Ralph Grassi’s site on the internet I was so happy, then I bought some of his statues and had the privlege of meeting him to pick it up. {} Then I read the wonderful article “An Oscar for Ralph” by Bob Ingram in your paper!! I’ve been hooked to The Sun ever since! If I can dig up some old photos I will send them. I have more recent ones online im sure!!

Lynne Melchiore Wells

Dear Sun,

Thank you for The Sun by the Sea. It keeps getting better and better. There are so many things that trigger memories for me. You are accomplishing your purpose with a BANG! Love your art and the sayings at the top of each page. And, as always, I cut some of them out to think about later….and to share with friends. Wonderful letter to you on the back cover. He is right. You are doing meaningful work.

MARGE GUZIAK, COLORADO {Marge spent her childhood summers in Wildwood}

Dear Sun,

From a first time reader: I really really enjoyed reading the Sun-by-the-Sea newspaper this weekend while in town for the Elks bonfire. Absolutely very refreshing, uplifting and positive!


Dear Sun,

Best paper in town!