The Construction of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

The oldest known photo of Hereford

A deed was signed on July 7, 1873 between the owners, Humphfrey

McMonagle’s on 7th St. ~ Found Photos

by Dorothy McMonagle Kulisek

Joe & Diane McMonagle 7th St. beach... those were the happiest days of their lives


The Oatmeal Club

The Oatmeal Club, with oatmeal being synonymous with morning, meets every summer Saturday morning at 3rd & JFK between 8am and 9am

Wildwood’s First Druggist ~ Elmer Pinker

Elmer T. & Elmer A. and young daughter Priscilla Pinker

Wildwood Beach Patrol’s “J Dub”

Joseph Wright sent in a few photos from his lifeguard & military days. He served on the Wildwood

Wally’s Cafe ~ Historic Bar District of North Wildwood

Wally clattered the last two empty mugs and wiped down the bar with a soapy wet cloth.  He

This Old Carty-Sheeran Home

by Dorothy Kulisek

There is indeed, perhaps, no better way to hold communion with the sea than sitting in

The Grand Dame of 22nd Ave., North Wildwood, NJ c.1906

by Dorothy Kulisek

As our Sun readers can fondly attest, every house in Wildwood has

The City of Wildwood Pumping Station

Did you ever wonder how we get fresh water on an island surrounded by saltwater?

The Doctor’s Prescription: a “Home by-the-Sea” for Charles Cook

Young Charles Cook on the back steps of his cottage  c1925

As is true of the greatest Wildwood stories, there’s an undercurrent of