True Story from the Summer of 1960 at the Carousel Motel

by Dave MacDonald

At the request of my lifelong friends, Bob and Ralph Johnson, I’d like to capture some

Five Miles of Smiles May-June 22

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all :-)

Each issue of The Sun has hundreds of Smiles!

Mary Rosenello ~ A Life Well Lived by the Sea

“A long life may not be good enough but a good life is long enough.” ~ Irish Proverb

The Rosenello family on the

McMonagle’s on 7th St. ~ Found Photos

by Dorothy McMonagle Kulisek

Joe & Diane McMonagle 7th St. beach... those were the happiest days of their lives


The Doctor’s Prescription: a “Home by-the-Sea” for Charles Cook

Young Charles Cook on the back steps of his cottage  c1925

As is true of the greatest Wildwood stories, there’s an undercurrent of

This is the Story of Henny, my Favorite Heron

by Dorothy Kulisek

Henny, the juvenile, yellow-toe, yellow crown Night Heron

Proving there’s a

Dorothy’s Sunrise Adventure

Dorothy walking her granddog Goose on the Seawall by Joe Ebert

It is a Monday morning in the middle


Wildwood’s Urban Renewal & the Gannon’s

(photos) Then & Now on the NW corner of Wildwood & Atlantic Aves.
by Anne Vinci
For those of us that enjoyed the “Doo Wop” Era of the 50s

Treadmill to The Sun: The Kulisek family makes Wildwood History

Here is our story. . .
Dorothy, who owns her very own pair of ruby red slippers, ironically wasn’t wearing them when she set out to find her own Land