The Doctor’s Prescription: a “Home by-the-Sea” for Charles Cook

Young Charles Cook on the back steps of his cottage  c1925

As is true of the greatest Wildwood stories, there’s an undercurrent of love for the island that tells of how people have always been drawn to the healing power of saltwater & sunshine. 

Charles and father Charles.   c1925

At the advice of his physician, Charles’ parents were told that the health benefits found in the fresh, healing saltwater, would be the best medicine for their son, they purchased a lot in the Anglesea section of North Wildwood and built a lovely beach cottage.

2 Mace Ave, the early years

Now in its 6th generation, this quaint & humble cottage, still residing at 2 Mace Ave. in the Anglesea section of North Wildwood, has amazingly stood the test of time, enduring many coastal storms, including the infamous Storm of ’62.

Evidently it did young Charles good to be by the sea! He was not expected to survive childhood, but thanks to the magic of Wildwood by-the-Sea, he lived a good long life.

Good times on the front walk   c1925

This is the account of Charles and his summer cottage as told by his cousin Steve, the current keeper of 2 Mace Ave. (the 6th Generation in this beautiful little seaside cottage.)

Thanks to Debbie Mooers of Grassy Sound Marina for connecting us

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