An Interesting Discovery of History in the Wildwood Historic Museum

Did you know the Wildwood Historic Museum is home to the most amazing aerial view wall mural of the island dating back to 1910?! But there were no planes



The oddly twisted piece of timber is the only existing remnant of Wildwood’s famous “W” Tree, ages older than the city itself and symbolic of the primeval forest which

Elaine the Rollerskater

Most of you know the lovely, friendly Elaine Youngs who works at North Wildwood CVS, but did you know that she spent most of her life on rollerskates? She

Wildwood’s Urban Renewal Project

(photos) Then & Now on the NW corner of Wildwood & Atlantic Aves. by Anne Vinci For those of us that enjoyed the “Doo Wop” Era of the 50s and 60s,

A Vintage Wildwood Christmas on the Santa Bus

Donna Gomez on the Santa bus, 1960 This photo was sent in by Donna Gomez taken on the Santa Bus in 1960, along with fond memories... “Some of my earliest

The History of Wildwood Parks

by Cathy Tchorni Would you be surprised to know that Wildwood used to have a fresh water pond? It did! Read on... Originally Wildwood was a spit of densely covered oak, holly

St. Ann’s Church History through Postcards

I love to collect postcards of the Wildwoods from the early 1900s, including many postcards of houses of worship. The Catholic churches of St. Ann’s and Holy Apostles are of