Our Wildwood Memories

Thanks to our own personal local tour guide and friend Patty BeBee Wilson by Nicole Leapheart

 This summer my daughter, Simone, turns 15. We’ve been visiting Wildwood since she was two years’ old and have been nearly every summer since, missing only the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. As guests of Wildwood natives Patty Bebee Wilson, Scott Wilson and their daughter Wylie (and now husband John), we have been accepted as part of the lovely tribe of locals who have watched my daughter grow every year, reaching new milestones every summer.  We look forward to traveling to Forget-Me-Not and enjoying those scenic beach days. Our Boardwalk nights include Morey’s Pier, Mack’s Pizza, Curley’s Fries, and being careful to “watch the tram car please!” There’s also brunch on Sunday at Surfside West Diner. Wildwood is where Simone learned to boogie board and swim in the ocean, where she developed a respect for the majesty of the ocean and the wildlife within it. Wildwood has been a beautiful haven for us – myself a land-locked 17-year transplant from the Midwest to Philly and my daughter, a West Philadelphia born-and-raised city kid.  When Simone was in elementary school, she proudly proclaimed to someone, “We summer in Wildwood!” Not quite, but we love Wildwood, and certainly feel that Wildwood loves us back!  Many thanks to the Wilsons and their circle of extended family and friends who have made our relationship with Wildwood so special. See you this summer!

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