Memories of Kathryn Filippo by the Sea

Kathryn’s page in The Sun. Thank you to her daughter Marie for sharing these wonderful memories with us!

Kathryn Filippo was a true artist who embraced living by the sea. She loved to paint and take photos. She had a special place in her heart for Wildwood and was truly grateful to call it home. Perhaps because of her great love for Wildwood, she happily took photos around the island year round, but especially loved her role of “Island Photographer” in the winter (long before the iPhone and social media made picture taking so popular!) 

One of her photos won an honorable mention in the Hot Shots contest and was printed in tourism brochures.

Photograph by Kathryn Filippo
Painting by Kathryn Filippo

Clearly knowledgeable in all things Wildwood, Kathryn naturally worked at the Wildwood Information Tourism office on the Boardwalk as well as on the Ferry, at the Lighthouse and Urie’s Gift Shop.She was the proud mom of five children, Marie, Bill, Ricky, Kathy and Mickey. The family considered themselves blessed to have their brother Mickey, who had Downs Syndrome. Sadly, Mickey passed away suddenly in 1999, a devastating loss for everyone, but especially Kathryn, who never recovered from her grief. She passed away just four years later at 70 years old. Her children have found peace knowing their mother was happily reunited with Mickey and hold onto the memories she left behind, right here in her beloved home by the sea…

painting by Kathryn Filippo
Kathryn herself
Kathryn 1954
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