Before Zaberers, There Were the Four Eldoradians

Social media has a wonderful way of keeping us connected while inspiring the best memories. Thanks to the Ed Zaberers story published in the Summer ‘20 issue of The Sun, a photo of the old Eldorado caught the attention of follower Maureen Czabas, sparking a memory of her dear grandfather Ed Andres, who performed at the Eldorado (purchased by Zaberer in 1955) with the musical act the Four Eldoradians.

Since memories, naturally, need to be shared, the following day I received these classic photos, which I then passed on to John Harkins since the Zaberer’s story was based on his memories of growing up close to the hotel/restaurant. John shared, “Back in the days before air conditioning, music from the Eldorado heralded summer’s arrival each year. With all windows open to welcome the seabreezes, the music in the air was an integral part of summer for the neighborhoods in Olde Anglesea…The Eldorado was memorable until Zaberer’s Anglesea Inn,” which, according to John, “was the best use of this property in the last 100 years. Everything else pales in comparison to Ed & Charlie’s wonderful restaurant idea.”

A big thank you to Maureen Czabas for sharing this hidden glimpse into Wildwood’s past. Judging by the photos, we can only imagine how much fun and entertaining her grandfather and his friends must’ve been and happily welcome them into our ever-growing collection of Wildwood by the Sea stories…

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